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Want your site to do a lot, but not let on it's doing it?

We bring simple and effective solutions to even the most complex web functions.

Whether we're talking multiple user registrations or Ecommerce, we'll create an elegant and responsive design to suit your needs.

Windle & Moodie - This top London salon came to us to create a new site that reflected their luxury brand and develop a bespoke Ecommerce platform to sell their new range of hair-care products.

It's not just what you say that counts, but how you say it.

We build distinctive, mobile friendly sites for those eager to retain an audience, or perhaps win over a new one.

First Light Fusion - This nuclear fusion research and devlopement company required a site to engage potential investors and employees. LMNOP created artwork to tell their story and turned this into a fully responsive site with interactive animated page transitions and animated SVG illustrations. This site won multiple awards, including a CSSDA Design Award and Web Designer Magazine 'Site of the week'..

Is your company in the arts, or creative industries?

With extensive experience of these sectors, we know how to create great websites for creative content. The result is complimentary and understated design, one that can simply present artwork or organise a whole festivals worth of information, on brand and easy to digest.

North West Cambridge Arts - The University of Cambridge commissioned us to build a website which would last the ten year life span of their public arts programme for a new Cambridge development. The design of the site needed to be a simple yet stylish portal for the many areas of the project, as well as enabling an ever growing archive of content and events.