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Designers and builders we may be, but we're still perfectly at home with the paint box.

Dreamt up in-house, but to no house style, we draft original illustration to perfectly match your aesthetic.

E4 / Freemavens - Freemavens came to LMNOP for a diverse set of visuals for a digital marketing campaign for new E4 comedy Drifters. Taking Freemavens' creative direction we produced a set of infographics that ranged from the hand-drawn to digital to a rather unpleasant photoshoot!

Working to brief or the tightest of deadlines, we'll bring you inspired and finely crafted imagery just as you need it, and when you need it most.

Value Retail / Freemavens - LMNOP created a set fashion illustrations for Value Retail's spring campaign. We drew the fashion items in pen and ink, coloured them with water colour then finally converting them to vectors for use on both large scale bill boards and online marketing.