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When you have a unique or complex message, deciding how to get it across can be tough.

Your answer might just lie in the moving image.

Oracle / Intel / Freemavens - Oracle and Intel required an animation to promote their Bizcouch project. LMNOP created this animation based on the beating rhythm of a heart beat. It has gained over 450,000 views on Youtube.

Maybe you're after an eye-catching banner to signpost your services? Or interactive elements at the very heart of your website?

Whatever your needs, our smooth and imaginative animations will help bring your ideas to life.

Bearded Kitten - This experiential marketing and creative events company, came to LMNOP for a new identity and web site which would make them shine. We designed and developed an animated website in the form of an old school arcade game, planes fly through clouds which hold their portfolio and visitors can submit their high-scores gained from the amount of content clicked.