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LMNOP Studios started life running a shop alongside making websites. It's here that we took on our first projects, from handmade books and specialist print runs, to complex commissions in web design.

We worked a lot, learnt a lot of code, and promoted the DIY design scene along the way.

LMNOP has grown into a dynamic, multidisciplinary agency, with expertise in every branch of design.

In working with us, you'll be joining clients as varied as music festivals, large arts organisations, up and coming designers and high-end fashion brands.

No templates, no time wasting, and no trendiness for the sake of it.

Whether it's a fresh new website, or a catalogue for an exhibition, we promise innovative design with the joy of the handcrafted.

Happy to bring it all in-house, just as keen to collaborate, our flexible and open approach will keep your project on track, and you in the know.

Not many people teach themselves to code, but Stuart did. And with nearly a decade of professional web design practice under his belt, it's more than paid off for him.
A self-confessed geek, Stuart brings experience, passion, and a flair for problem solving to every new project. As though hefty self-taught web skills weren't enough, he can also claim considerable talents in illustration and stop frame animation.
And he's pretty handy with a toolbox too. Anyway, it's building things that Stuart loves best, though his small parrot Jimmy comes a close second.
There's a simple reason why Alison produces such great visual work. From her own standout efforts in book arts, to hard won expertise in web design and brand management, Alison has explored her field on every conceivable level. And her tireless curiosity doesn't hurt either.
Never happier than when poring over printed ephemera, or what others might dare to call junk, Alison's eclectic interests have enriched her eight years professional experience.
If you're after someone with fresh ideas, you could do no better.
Berlin film productions, BBC Television, even high profile music videos. Craig's passion for the moving image has seen him take on a frankly bewildering array of projects.
His extensive experience in editing and motion graphics have left him fluent in new technologies, yet done nothing to dampen his love of tangible form. With successful stints in set building and illustration, Craig's eye-catching digital work is bolstered by a true appreciation of the handmade.
He also very much likes papier-mâché and katsu curry, though he's careful never to confuse the two.
Web copy, marketing materials, gig reviews, poetry. There's not much Paul hasn't written, and nothing he doesn't love writing.
A talented Fine Art graduate, Paul's flair for the written word is matched by a keen eye for visual design. He also manages to fit a second degree in Humanities around his professional practice, because you can never have too much culture.
With seven years copywriting and communications experience, his language skills have helped promote everyone from local businesses, to national museums and global charities.
With razor sharp skills in research and analysis, Yvette has gained extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing over her 15 year career – working with brands as diverse as Ferrari to Brighton's own Royal Pavilion and Museums.
Her success all comes down to good detective work. Yvette likes nothing more than to trawl through data, tease out patterns, and build elegant and targeted strategies for her clients' online communications. With an eye for the tiniest of details, and a feel for the big picture, Yvette never lets the trail go cold.
When she is not assisting us Yvette is sharing her knowledge and runs advanced training courses in SEO and Social Media Strategy.